John’s XC Cobra


The definition of a classic car takes on many definitions around the world. At a very basic level there seems to be a common understanding that a car must be of a certain age to qualify for such status. Delve deeper though, and this is further defined by pedigree or heritage, through history or popular culture. In the world of Aussie Fords, the XC Cobra surely falls under this category.


Justin's FG XR8 Ute

Justin’s FG XR8 Ute


One of the most curious aspects of car ownership is the inevitable ups and downs that arise during the modification journey. From simple mods to full scale builds the level of blood, sweat and tears is undeniable, yet the results generally make it all worthwhile. This is certainly the case for Justin, whose fateful victim was his beloved BF2 XR8 ute ‘Pokey’, finished in the rare Breeze green. After losing his car to a freak fire accident, he was faced with the decision of continuing with another B series or starting a fresh project with the then newly released FG model.


The Death & Rebirth of JULZAS: The Re-build begins

What exactly would a JULZAS MKII entail? The natural progression for a B series owner would perhaps be to upgrade to a FG model Falcon. This was one of the first ideas that came to mind, but as I entertained the thought of owning the latter, something didn’t sit quite right. Undoubtedly, the FG is on the cards one day, yet there would be a void where my silver BA proudly sat for over 8 years.



Pete’s ’67 Mustang GT500 Fastback


The Ford Mustang is America's classic muscle car. Originally derived from the American version of the Falcon, Ford had a vision to create a "small" sports car to offer to the market. Their plan succeeded by selling over 22,000 Mustangs on the first day! The GT500 is that bit more special, a higher performance option from the company Shelby American - founded by Carroll Shelby in 1962. This Mustang is that bit more special as Pete has built it retaining all of the 1967 Fastback features with a touch of his own throughout the entire car.


Thank You Falcon

Thank you Falcon

As many of you have already heard, Ford Australia will no longer be producing cars after October 2016. While such news has been widely speculated by the media recently, the official announcement still came as a shock for us. The Ford Falcon, a car that has become synonymous with the Australian landscape, will be no more in a little over three years. Of course, this is a sad time for fans and Ford employees alike, but there is much to be celebrated and recognised from this.